Thursday, October 17, 2013


One of the very first posts that I did on this happy blog was a YouTube video of Jimmy Durante signing.  I don't know why I forgot about another song he sang, "SMILE," but I did.  Today I myself needed a smile. In this very imperfect world, thing are bound to happen to knock the wind out of your sails, and mine was today.  I have been frantically writing a second book because my first one that is with my publisher, is suppose to be out for Christmas, and they aren't even done with the image editing.  I fear my book that I have been so excited about releasing, and submitted a year and a half ago, will be waiting another whole year at this rate. So I started writing another book, about a month ago, and have been counting on some help from individuals who said they would help me and today they bombed out on me too.   Discouraged and frustrated, I decided rather than let these big upsets in my life get me down, I would just keep my faith, and hope and try to keep smiling.  

Today, I finished some more illustration for my book, and went out and visited someone who really needed a lift.  She needed a smile, a hug and the visit I made, and in turn, I returned home happy filled with good feelings because I did something for someone else.  I forgot about my challenges and focused on somebody else.  It is so interesting that when you do that, you become happy yourself.  My eyes still feel tired from crying, and my nose is still stuffy, but my heart is filled with joy, knowing the efforts I made for someone else made them happy, and loved.

The icing on my cake was out of the blue, and I have no idea really how I found this video to the song Smile, because I was looking for "How to create your eBook template, but there it was.  This song was written for me today, though came out many years ago.  Hope you enjoy it and that it makes you smile too.