Wednesday, March 2, 2016

If you want 2 be happy... then give something away, and I am.

I am so happy today, because I found a wonderful home made recipe for cleaning my windows outside, and it worked so well, and saved a step, and I am so happy.  So I wanted to share this recipe with you and make you happy too.  I found it on Pinterest and included the link to the recipe, and you should go to that link and see how pretty the windows are.  Mine look just like those too.  I have full length windows at my home, and lots of them, and when they aren't clean, it makes my whole room inside look.... just not so clean.  Not today folks, my windows are clean and sparkly and it just makes me smile to see such clean windows.  So here you go, the recipe and link, and I hope that you will be happy too... oh and the best part is you don't have to squeegee the windows, just rinse them with water from your hose, and they have sheeting action and dry beautifully all by themselves.

I did list a little disclaimer, and that is, if you have calcium or hard water deposits on your windows, this won't clean that off.  You will need to do that before you clean your windows, but if you don't have hard water deposits, your windows are in for a sparkling experience, and yes, the satisfaction of having such pretty windows, does make you smile.  BE HAPPY!