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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Happiness is a state of mind and nobody could better teach us this than Eeyore, the cute little donkey with the tail that keeps falling off, from Winnie the Pooh.  HE can teach us a lot about the ups and downs in our lives.   Don't you just love the messages taught in these wonderful stories.  Read between the lines and you will learn a lot.  Speaking about Winnie the Pooh you can read between the lines in this little video below, because in our own life, there are never enough honey pots to satisfy our wants and needs.   People are never satisfied and always seem to want more.   From this, we must learn to be grateful for what we have, and enjoy like Winnie the Pooh, very smithereen, until our pots are emptied and we need to find some more honey to fill them.  Watch this video to the very end and you will see what I mean.

Youtube Video:  "It's not much of a tail but I'm attached to it." 
Yesterday, I had a conversation with a woman, who is so lovely and sweet but she made an interesting comment about herself.  She said, " I have the ugliest butt, always have had it and always will. I will never be happy with it, but it is what I have been given and I won't get another, so I guess that my ugly butt is something I have to deal with.  I'll just have to get use to it and be grateful that I have other qualities I like better."
"Eeyore's Secrets of Happiness - The Tao of Pooh" 
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Sometimes we can’t find our happy place alone, and that's where friends  come in, who can help us to lift ourselves from their own experiences. Sometimes we are  sad, and need someone to help cheer us up!   Each friend is unique and has different suggestions and advice to offer us, like the friends of Eeyore.  The following are the things, each friend of Eeyore felt like would help him to be happy. Here is the setting:  Eeyore was sitting up on top of a mountain with rain clouds hovering overhead, and looking pretty sad.

Piglet:  “If I were a very sad animal, I’d want somebody to cheer me up!"
Tigger:  “Roo and me will teach him how to bounce.” 
Roo: “Don’t worry Eeyore, bouncing will make you happy!” 
Tigger:  “Yeah, and you’ll be twice as happy, because you have twice as many legs to bounce with. 
(Tigger and Roo’s best attempts to teach Eeyore how to add bounce to his step, doesn’t work, because what is good for them, isn’t always good for others.  Sometimes friends best intentions to help us, will not always work out,  because everyone is different, but how lovely is it to know that at last friends care enough to try to help.  That message alone should make us happier.)

Rabitt:  "Gardening is the only true happiness!  Happiness is seeing the benefits of good hard work. Watching the things you’ve planted with your own hands, springing up-- fresh and green.  And then, harvesting them.”   (What we can learn from Rabbit is that developing talents, hobbies, and passions, and using them in constructive ways, can give us great joy, especially when we get to reap the harvest, seeing and enjoying what our little hands have created. Sometimes just being out in the little garden that we've created for ourselves, nurturing the seedlings and watching the plants grow, makes us happy.)
Owl:  "Flying.. soring the light fantastic, sailing high over the hill."  (Owl ties balloons to Eeyore so he can share with him how much fun it is to fly.)
Owl:  "This is more fun than sitting on your old mountain top."  (Owl gets Eeyore up in the sky and then proceeds to pop the balloons.) 
Eeyore:  Why'd you do that? 
Owl:  Because it's time for your solo.  How I remembered my first flight, soring on high, the wind in my feathers... the whole world opening up before me.
(Friends can jump in and do their best to help us to be happy and try to lift our spirits, but we should not become dependent on others to create happiness for us.  It's like learning how to fly, once we are finally lifted up, we need to be able to do it on our own, and as owl says, "Take our own first flight, and letting the whole world open up before him.")
Pooh:  The way to stay the happiest, is to let your tongue lickle, and keep your tummy tickled. (There is one thing that Friends can do for us that really does make a difference and it is something that anyone can do.  Friends can lift spirits by taking us out to lunch, or when we are really down, friends bring in meals.  Sometimes just not having to prepare a meal for ourselves really gives us a lift.  Friends can do that for us.   Pooh fed his friend, and didn't stop until his tummy was full or in his words, "keep your tummy tickled."  )
Eeyore:  Go ahead, I'm ready ... cheer me up.
Piglet:  Oh Eeyore, I'd love to, I'm supposed to, but I guess I'm really here to apologize.  you are always sitting up here so sad, and everyone did such a good job of cheering you up, and I had no way to make you happy.
Eeyore:  "So that's what this is all about.  I'm grateful to you all, even if you almost killed me.  But I don't come up here because I'm sad, I come up here because I'm happy.  Let me show you something, because you are a good friend.  Now watch that cloud. (Piglet watches the clouds look so pretty, when the sunshine comes shining through a break in the dark clouds.) Eeyore turns things around and invites his friends to join him to see why he likes being up on the mountain.
Piglet:  "Thank you for sharing this Eeyore, it's made everyone so happy."
Eeyore: " Just returning the favor."

When our friends rally around us at our most difficult times in life, like Eeyore who was grateful for his friends attempts in trying to cheer him up, he too was able to return the favor and make them happy too, by sharing something with them that is special to him.  Piglet simply could not think of a way to cheer him up and did nothing, later feeling the need to apologize for it.  There is no need to apologize for lack of knowing what to do, or how to act when a friend is in need.  Spending time with that friend might be the very best medicine, you know... lending a listening ear, and being there when a friend is in need.  

I hope you saw all the applications that I found in this darling video and use them to be the friend of an Eeyore in your life.