Wednesday, March 2, 2016

If you want 2 be happy: If you want 2 be happy... then give something away...

If you want 2 be happy: If you want 2 be happy... then give something away...: I am so happy today, because I found a wonderful home made recipe for cleaning my windows outside, and it worked so well, and saved a step,...

If you want 2 be happy... then give something away, and I am.

I am so happy today, because I found a wonderful home made recipe for cleaning my windows outside, and it worked so well, and saved a step, and I am so happy.  So I wanted to share this recipe with you and make you happy too.  I found it on Pinterest and included the link to the recipe, and you should go to that link and see how pretty the windows are.  Mine look just like those too.  I have full length windows at my home, and lots of them, and when they aren't clean, it makes my whole room inside look.... just not so clean.  Not today folks, my windows are clean and sparkly and it just makes me smile to see such clean windows.  So here you go, the recipe and link, and I hope that you will be happy too... oh and the best part is you don't have to squeegee the windows, just rinse them with water from your hose, and they have sheeting action and dry beautifully all by themselves.

I did list a little disclaimer, and that is, if you have calcium or hard water deposits on your windows, this won't clean that off.  You will need to do that before you clean your windows, but if you don't have hard water deposits, your windows are in for a sparkling experience, and yes, the satisfaction of having such pretty windows, does make you smile.  BE HAPPY!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Get ready for Easter!

If you are thinking ahead and getting ready for Easter, be one of the first to go to learn what Easter is really about at this link:  It's all about Jesus Christ, and because He Lives, you can live too.  It's all about who He was, and what He did for us. Learn more about why your understanding of Jesus Christ can truly make you happy. And once you understand, you can share!  

Make His way, your way!  Learn about Him, and know him, and be like Him.

Here is a great video I found that will make you happy because it's all about Him, Jesus Christ.  Just don't forget to go to this link too!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

If you want 2 be happy, then share your story

There is just something about a good story to make you smile.  Everybody does it, and it works.  Recently I listened to some cowboy poetry, which I truly didn't even know existed intil recently, and I smiled the whole way through.  When we share our talents and stories, we can not only make ourselves happy, but others to.  NOW.. I want to share with you, what happened to my husband and I this very evening.  Hope it makes you smile.  It made us laugh, however only after we had time to sit down and try to figure out what just happened.  ENJOY!!!

Saturday, January 16, 2016

If you want 2 be happy, know where you stand!

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If you draw a circle around yourself, where do you stand?   There are always opposite personalities, and others who do not think the way you do.  There are givers and takers, and I would like to pose the question…”Where do you stand?”   Are you a giver or a taker?
I have drawn up an image to illustrate this for you.  I drew two circles, and put two people inside the circle.  These people represent you and someone else close to you.  Then, I have placed a word balloon coming out of each circle that says two different things.
  1.    Humm… what can they do for us?    
  2.  What can we do for others?

Some people will, like the famous quote(1) draw a circle around themselves and not let anyone else inside their circle.  All of their focus is directed to what is inside that circle, and unfortunately they are only thinking about themselves,  but become so self-absorbed and selfish, all they can think about is #1, which represents what others can do for them, to make them happy, or successful.  Unfortunately for them, they miss out on the more important things in life that makes people truly happy.  They think so much about what they can get from others, never considering that they could contribute, pay back or pay it forward, because they are the single most important people in their world.  Nobody else matters, except for those who they can get something from, to improve their lives.

On the other hand, there are other people, who are the polar opposite of the ones we just described.  These are the Givers,# 2 circle, the unselfish, who don’t ask what others can do for them, but ask, “What can they do for others.”  These are the people who look outside their circle, and will draw others in to join them, expanding their circle to including others, make true friendships, and look outwards instead of inward.  They are not selfish, but generous with all they have, helping the poor and needy, others who are burdened with trials, and grief.  They are the lifters, the givers, the unselfish and are indeed true friends.  As time goes by, their circle expands to fit all who would want to join them, and these people are the happy ones. 

Quite a difference between these two circles talked about.  My suggestion is to look at your own circle, and determine which of these two examples best illustrates or fits you.  Then ask yourself… “Am I happy?”  If your answer is No, then you and only you have the ability to change your world, your destiny and your life’s outlook.  The key here is to not make your whole focus on yourself and your own self-interests, but to enlarge your circle to draw others in, reaching out with service, friendship and charity.  When you do this, you will feel so different, and understand that people need people, and the only way to be happy is to go outside of yourself, and genuinely let others in, and with no strings attached.  It isn’t what others can do for you that will make your life happy, but what you can do for others that will bring you true joy and happiness.

So, to sum it up… If you want to be happy, know where you stand, and enjoy a richer and happier life!  If you would like to see another great way to be happy, please go to this link:

Sunday, October 25, 2015

If you want 2 be happy, then Let it go

If you want to be happy, then let it go!  I am talking about things that have pulled you under, hurt like the dickens, and weighed you down.  Yes, I am talking about those things people have said  or done to hurt you.  LET IT GO!  I'm also talking about offences they have done to your children, pain they have inflicted because they are just mean... I say, "Let it go!"  I am talking about the things that keep you up at night, the things that keep you addicted to numb the pain, and all other things you can think of.  Just let it go!

Yesterday, I spent my birthday crying over something someone had said, who severely misjudged me.  I was innocent of all the allegations they were making against me, but they had determined otherwise, and set out to defame, spew guile, and to just plain hurt me.  I thought we were friends, which was another hurt that beset me, because obviously this person did not like me, one little bit.  I cried until my eyes were red and swollen.  I could barely breathe, I was so stuffed up from crying.  I was a sad mess, and to make it even worse, all this happened on my birthday.

That afternoon, I logged on to Facebook and read from a friends page, that had posted the best possible quote, that helped lift my spirits, and help me to realize just how unimportant this hurtful situation was in my life.  This is what the quote said:

"So many of us make a great fuss over matters of small consequence.  We are so easily offended. Happy is the man who can brush aside the offending remarks of another, and go on his way."  This quote was written by Gordon B. Hinckley, in a talk he gave called, "Slow to Anger."  I read this talk and it helped me so much, that I wanted to include the link to help others.  Here is is:

Isn't it amazing how something so small as a short quote can completely straighten out what you have been worrying over, and shedding far too many tears about?  I have to say that it took a lot of what someone else did to offend me, but I made the choice to let it trouble me as it did.  After reading this message the thought came into my mind, which is another famous quote, as of the past few years, and something that my little grand daugher sings all the time, and this is...."LET IT GO!"

I understand the atonement of Jesus Christ, and know that we don't have to suffer like we all do, because we can give away to Christ, our pains, and sorrows, afflictions, and torments.  He has already suffered them for us and we just have to Let it go and He will make up the rest.  It is true.  After I let it go, I cannot tell you how much peace I felt.  My burden was lifted and I was able to look around and see the things of life that truly matter, and make me happy.

I hope this short story will help you to understand that if you want to be happy, then let it go!

P.S.  I found the greatest talk that helps all of us to understand the full extent of the Atonement Jesus Christ made for us.  It is a talk written by Elder Dallin H. Oaks, and it is called "Strengthened by the Atonement of Jesus Christ."  I encourage everyone, everywhere to read this, and be able to fully understand what His Atonement can do for you to be happy again.